One Tower is a new micro-MOBA game under development by SkyReacher Entertainment. It was Kickstarter funded in April of 2016 and released in November 2016.


ONE TOWER combines popular design elements from the RTS and RPG genres in this all-new, free-to-play micro MOBA set in the fantastical world of Eternal Flame. Summon your minions, pick your Hero, and get ready for ONE TOWER – the first micro MOBA that’s quick to play, easy to learn and insanely fun to play against one another. With cross-platform play powered by the Unity 5 engine, competitive play in leagues and special events, hundreds of items to unlock, and weekly game updates, ONE TOWER promises to deliver never-ending fun and excitement.


  • Free-to-play head-to-head strategy game for PC and Mac
  • Configure your minion waves. Choose from Melee, Ranged, Air, Siege and more
  • Experience an arcade-style battle arena: Pick up speed boosts, damage modifiers and health on the map to gain an edge
  • Trigger deadly traps to surprise your enemy
  • Play through story campaigns to experience the Eternal Flame universe
  • Over 12 Heroes to choose from in Season One
  • Over 30 Minions to choose from in Season One
  • Customize your tower
  • Participate in tournaments and special events





Kickstarter Description

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